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Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Companies are realizing that they can achieve dramatic results by applying six sigma methods to improve their performance. The goal of Six Sigma is near perfection in meeting customer requirements, the term Six Sigma refers to a statistically derived performance target of operating with only 3.4 defects every million “opportunities”.
Six Sigma also requires that companies build their business around an intimate understanding of their customers’ requirements, bringing as much discipline and focus to this external activity as they do to internal process-improvement efforts. 
The payoffs from these activities can be huge, such as producing defect-free products within planned frames, turning every qualified lead into booked business by sales dept., producing error-free invoices every time by billing dept..etc. 

Gasser Gawdat


  • Orange Belts receive training that enables them to understand Six Sigma methodology. They are prepared to be good team members and support Black Belts and Green Belts. Our course is a four days course to prepare Orange Belts to gather data, participate in problem solving and process mapping, and sustain the gains resulting from Six Sigma projects.

  • – Introduction

    • Six Sigma introduction.
    • Why Six Sigma.
    • How to Deploy SS.
    • Infrastructure Req.

    – DMAIC Process

    • Project Definition

    – DMAIC – Measure

    • Voice of the Customer
    • Process Map.
    • Data Collection.

    – DMAIC – Analyze

    • Analysis Tools (1)
    • Analysis Tools (2)

    – DMAIC – Improve

    – DMAIC -Control

    • Control Spread sheet

A one-day session.

-This course is designed for managers, supply chain managers & planners, process improvement specialists, change managers, process engineers, quality manager & production engineers.