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Lean Yellow Belt

Lean Manufacturing is a business philosophy characterized by the endless pursuit of waste elimination. Lean organizations understand that waste can take many forms as any resource or activity, which is not continuously adding value to the customer, is a form of waste.

Gasser Gawdat


  • Have gained a broad perspective of Lean Enterprise concepts and understand the interaction between the Lean elements, lean Principles (VVFPP) rules, and tools.
  • Understand the need to change and how to recognize and eliminate waste.
  • Know how to determine value added, non-valued-added and non-value-added-but-required activities.
  • Learning about the   lean improvement tools 6S, Single Minute Exchange of Dies (Quick Change), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Kanban, Visual Workplace, Error-Proofing.
  • Understand why everyone in the organization must participate and how this is accomplished. Know the importance of identifying the value stream, how it is mapped and how to identify the areas that require improvement. Gain a complete understanding of the elements of Flow and Pull and how these are applied.
  • Recognize the fundamental importance of the Kaizen process, how this is used in every aspect of a Lean implementation and how it is used to change the culture.
  • Increase throughput/ Productivity.
  • Reduce operating expenses and inventories.
  • Improved cultural change.
  • Improved quality and reduced scrap/rework.
  • Reduced lead times and greater supply chain responsiveness.
  • Improved participation, communication and collaboration across the supply chain.
  • Introduction to Lean yellow Belt Program.
  • Value to Customer.
  • Lean Principles.
  • Lean tools.
  • Value added and non-value added.
  • 7 waste in processes –Muda.
  • Lean Enterprise.
  • Lean Key Performance Indicators.
  • Lean Project Charter.

A one-day session with an introductory course on lean thinking

-This course is designed for managers & supervisors, supply chain managers & planners, process improvement specialists, change managers, process engineers, quality manager & production engineers.