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Value Stream Map

Value Stream Mapping is a powerful LEAN tool for analyzing information and material flow throughout an organization or between organizations and identifying and planning improvements.
In this course, you will learn how to effectively identify and eliminate waste and sources of waste in your organization.
Participants in the class will work through a case example. They will create a current state map, analyze the current state map, and create a lean future state. Participants will also be able to ask about their unique situations and learn different ways to apply this powerful tool.

Gasser Gawdat


  • Planning and identifying kaizen events for optimum effectiveness.
  • The ability to dramatically reduce inventory and improve lead-time
  • The ability for participants from different parts of an organization to gain an understanding of the overall information and material flow​
  • Lean and VSM Overview and Definitions
  • Value Stream Identification
  • Types of Value Stream Mapping
  • Current State Analysis/Mapping
  • Class Exercise: Current State
  • Creating a Lean Future State
  • Takt time
  • Build to stock or directly to shipping
  • Single-Piece flow v. Pull
  • Scheduling- Heijunka
  • Mapping a lean future state
  • Class Exercise: Future State
  • Implementation Planning

A two-days session

-This course is designed for managers, supply chain managers & planners, process improvement specialists, change managers, process engineers, quality manager & production engineers.