JIT Consulting
Job Title
Information Technology Officer
Office time
SUN - Thu: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
al-Qahira, Egypt
Job Type
Full Time
10 February, 2023

Company Description

  • Communications Skills
  • Administrative Experience
  • Adminstrative Skills

So If You Are Someone Who Has

Chief Information Technology Officer establishes and directs the strategic long-term goals, policies and procedures for an information technology department. Determines an organization\'s long-term systems needs and any hardware acquisitions needed to accomplish the organization\'s business objectives. Being a Chief Information Technology Officer gives technical guidance on high priority projects and orients the company to trends in the information technology industry. Requires a bachelor\'s degree. Additionally, Chief Information Technology Officer typically reports to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Responsible for the development of functional or business unit strategy for the entire organization. Defines corporate vision and strategy establishes company direction and focus. Executes multiple high impact initiatives to achieve overall corporate goals.